North Star Simulations is  a simulation design and production studio. Simulations are created primarily for interactive training and learning experiences. Delivery is achieved by utilizing the best tools in the technology spectrum, from traditional screen-based to immersive VR/AR/MR experiences.

At North Star Simulations we believe that with the right guidance, anyone can achieve anything. We act as our clients digital pathfinders cultivating innovative approaches to training and learner engagement. We advocate for the learner and lead them to their destination.

With this framework we work with subject matter experts to design the right experience. We advocate for the learning and help them get to their destination.

A core part of understanding this journey is having a strong knowledge base of proven tools and mechanics, while constantly leveraging our excitement for researching and applying emerging technologies.

Our culture is based on the framework of EXPLORATION, DISCOVERY and DELIVERY. 

The success of our projects and benefit to our clients is the confidence we have in any challenge presented and producing an effective tool.

We focus on private and public emergency response training programs, produced in conjunction with emergency response departments, municipal governments, and federal/state funding agencies.

While the focus of North Star is the design and production of simulations, it remains imperative we stay active in the field of exploratory research with university and nonprofit educational partners.


Modeling and Simulation

Application Development

Serious Games

Virtual Reality Experiences

Learning Evaluation

Traditional Training Extensions